Yule Time – Pick me up , Scented Bag


Start the new year with little scented pick me up in a bag, place it your car, your drawer or hang it any where in your home to liven the mood and bring tranquillity.

A simple and quick solution to using up left over herbs and spices from Yule and Christmas.  The choice of herbs evokes the smell of Christmas and winter. Perfect to beat the post Holiday blues.

What you will need 

Most of the items listed beneath are available at most supermarkets and under £1.00.

  • Whole cloves
  • All Spice Berries (Optional as they smell similar to cloves but have a more fragrant smell)
  • 2x Bay Leaves
  • Thyme
  • Small Organza Bag or thin cloth bag (Available on ebay 25 small bags for around £2.50, available in craft stores and local markets)
  1. Place 3 tea spoons of Whole Cloves and All Spice Berries into the organza bag.
  2. Rip the Bay leaves in half and place into the bag.
  3. Final add 1 tea spoon of Thyme and fasten up the bag securely.
  4. Hang or place into car or draws and enjoy.

I placed my bag in my bedroom on the door which has aided me in a peaceful sleep, place yours where ever you want. You can also make more than one and experiment with different herbs and dried flowers.  I would love to hear some feedback and suggestions for different bags.


*As all the ingredients are edible they are safe for adult , however they could dangerous for animals and children. Some scents can also trigger migraines and headaches so only inhale the smells in small doses until accustomed to the smell.  If headaches occur discard of the bag in a safe way.

Well wishes for 2018



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