Beat the back to work slog by taking a walk or getting some fresh air.

I work two jobs, When I’m working for Madison Bou Photography  I’m very active and on my feet . I get to shoot outside so I get plenty of fresh air which keeps me focused. My second job as freelance photographer , is not as active as I would of hoped. I spend a large percent of my time behind my computer and I find I get tired very easily, loosing focus and get distracted looking at other things.

A great way I have found to beat the slog and tiredness is to get out for a 20 minute walk or open the window breathe in some fresh air. I find that I have to force myself to get up off my office chair but when I do I find its definitely worth it.

I am lucky to live next to some lovely woods with some nice views, I take a minute to take some deep breaths and absorb the air and smell of the woods, I even shoot my eyes and feel the weather circle around me. Not everyone lives or works near woodland, so just stepping off the office into some fresh air , taking a minute to take some deep breaths and listen to different surroundings will help to aid focus and lift your mood.

I would love to hear some more suggestions to beat the back to work slog. Leave your comments below.

Sarah xx


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