Gaslamp Fantasy Photoshoot

Gaslamp Fantasy – sub genre of fantasy set in the Victorian era and sometimes Regency times, with focus on gory tales, folktales, magic and the supernatural. The genre is not limited to just literature its extends to art for example the haunting works of art by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood have inspired and shaped the genre.

The collection of images in this post are by different makeup artists who have produced makeup designs inspired by Gaslamp fantasy.

Photography by Sarah Lake.

Keira (9)

Makeup Artist; Keira Wilson

Georgia (4)

Makeup Artist ; Georgia Rose Gahan

Tina 8

Makeup Artist ; Cristina Romano

Faye Final Composite(4)

Makeup Artist ; Faye Dawson

Beth (3)

Makeup Artist ; Beth Leigh

Composite 1

Makeup Artist ; Chloe Elizabeth Stanley

Sarah (2)

Makeup Artist ; Sarah Gidley


Makeup by Beth Chadwick


Makeup by Mollie Phillips

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