March Top 5 Health and Beauty Products

To kick start my spring goal of publishing more blog pieces, I am exciting to be sharing with you each month a list of my 5 top products. I know its now April but I have been  a little slow on the update recently , so here goes my list for March!

nyx057_nyx_ultimateshadowpalette_2017packaging_warmneutrals_1_1560x1960-09qz4NYX Warm Neutrals Shadow Palette

For the most of March I have been using this palette on most of my lovely clients. The colour selection is nice and the colours compliment each other really well, they blend really easily and when used with concealer or eye primer they last a long time. This palette is a great all rounder perfect for nude looks, bridal and glamour looks and its a great price at £16 from


Salt-of-the-earth-travelSalt of the Earth Deodorant -Travel Size

I am always on the hunt for natural products when I stumbled upon this natural deodorant I thought lets give it a go. It took a little getting used to as you need to wet it first and It has no smell. As it has no smell I didn’t believe it was working, but trust me it was. After using it now for 3 weeks its brilliant its contains no aluminium only natural salt and it keeps my arms pits feeling fresh. Its come in two sizes, I bought the travel one at £3.50 in Holland and Barretts and I am still using it nearly a month on .


_DSC3346Sea Plankton Eye Lift Lumination Serum- The Beauty Kitchen

I reviewed this product in an earlier blog post. I have never had an eye cream before which does not sting my eyes. This eye serum is brilliant as soon as I dab it on my eyes instantly feel lifted, fresh and illuminated. It has a very very mild scent and does not sting or irritate my eyes at all, I accidentally got the serum into my eye and it still did not sting.  Its contains natural ingredients and is not tested on animals.




thisiseverythinglipoil_mainNYX #Thisiseverything Lip Oil

I purchased this during my NYX haul in march, the reviews raved about how awesome this lip oil was so I had to test it for myself. This lip oil is infused with almond, avocado, rosehip and jojoba making it very nourishing on the lips . I use it now on every client after exfoliating the lips, I allow it to soak into the lips for a good 10 mins for a soft , shiny and hydrated pout. I love the smell its a very sweet vanilla smell, my clients always comment on the sweet smell.  Avoid applying lipstick straight away let it soak into the lips, you can alternatively wear it alone or on top of lipstick to give a lovely shine, as the product is oil based it can cause your lipstick to run so wear with a lip liner.

NYX Lip Oil £6.00

2018-04-10Absolution Le Nettoyant Pureté  Chamomile Face Wash Sample Size

I tried a Sample of this face wash in last months Birchbox Subscription and honestly loved it. It made my face feel super soft whilst gently removing my makeup. What I loved the most was when it dried my skin did not feel tight at all just soft .  It has a very organic natural smell which I grew to really like. On the downside the price tag is too expensive for my budget unfortunately at £26 a bottle I will stick to the sample but I would say it is worth the splurge.

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